About Steak

What is your name?

It's Steak in the Daylight. This is a play on the phrase "[Thing] After Dark". I also like steak and have embodied it. It's air fried

What even are you?

I am a human being, a fact that haunts me to this day. I'm a bit misanthropic. I'm over 21 years old. My gender is Murder Mystery, and you have to solve it before it's too late. I am autistic, and relating to people is difficult for me. And that's all she wrote, mate.

Why Neocities?

I wanted to make something all my own that I can't get by using another website. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are valuable skills. I wanted a pressure free experience away from social media. I am tired of the uphill battle for validtion brought on by likes and comments and favorites. I want to make meaningful relationships with people, as I would hopefully get from face to face communication. Not just "fans" or "mutuals" thinking my art is cool and then projecting onto me. I cannot get that using social media or a dedicated art gallery, because they aren't built that way. I want to find myself, who I am outside of a group setting. A lot of websites have issues that, unlike millions of others, I am not going to keep tolerating by continuing to give my work to them. I don't like the types of personalities I keep finding on these websites. Ok, I think that covers everything.

Are you a X/ part of the Y community/ in Z fandom?

No. I'm Steak. I'm only me. Please respect this, and do not try to fit me into a neat little box of labels and traits based on my thoughts. I do not like participating in most communities. I find it stressful, conforming, and too prone to groupthink and herd mentality. I hardly know who I am because I've lived for other people's approval, in fear of rejection too long.

If you really need to know some miniscule thing about me, just ask me organically. There's a reason I don't have a lot of 88 x 31 buttons. I want you to talk to me.

What's your art like?

It's a mix of toony and cute. I draw a lot of animals, anthro and feral, and monsters. This is because there's a lot of variety for shapes and colors. I do occasionally draw humans in a stylized way, but not very often.

The colors in my work are often warm and bright. I like to experiment with colors and the tone they can provide, how they might contrast with each other from the foreground to the background, and I've been wanting to play around with lower value higher saturation, as well as not be so afraid of using high saturation in general. I like to add effects such as chromatic abberation and dithtering to my work.

I don't draw detailed backgrounds very often, but when I do they often involve nature. I enjoy the colors and clouds of the sky and how they interact with the landscapes below, so it comes up as a subject a lot. I also find grass, trees, and the ocean satisfying to recreate.

I create erotic art. I have a passing interest in most kinks. Creating this kind of art is usually a sign I enjoy the subject. I like to explore emotions within these situations, and they vary wildly in tone.

My writing circles the id vortex. I focus on feelings and inner thoughts. The stories are typically short one-shots, sometimes just 100 words, as I enjoy the challenge of portraying meaningful thought in such a small format. It doesn't always work. They also vary wildly in tone, from comedic to romantic to horrific.

I believe that art is an abstract and indirect way of expression and imagination, that doesn't represent reality in a one to one fashion.

My favorite art tool is graphite pencil. It's pretty much how I start everything. I also frequently use colored pencils and acrylic markers. I may occasionally use acrylic paint. I use a combination of Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, and Affinity Photo to finish digital pieces.

How can your art be used?

Generally, my art is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. You can adapt it. However, you need to give me proper credit (a link to the source) and indicate if any changes were made. If you do make changes, you have to share the result under this same license. None of my work can be used commercially,. If there's something in particular I don't want under the license, I'll indicate it on its page. I'd prefer any reuploads only be as significant edits, not as-is. Also, out of courtesy to me, please don't put anything of mine on Twitter, Tumblr, Paheal, or any site I am on DNP.

What do you like?

Nintendo is a lifelong interest, particularly Pokemon and Fire Emblem nowadays, though many years back I was big into Super Mario. I also like Sonic the Hedgehog. My favorite genres are platformers, of the skill, exploration, and collection varieties, RPGs, particularly Monsters, or games with large customization. I also enjoy simulation/manegemant games and puzzles.

Some aesthetics i like are nintencore (of course), old web, naturecore, gorecore, sadpeople, and after hours.

I read graphic novels almost exclusively, but there are a wide variety of titles I read. I enjoy the work of Michael Deforge and Ozamu Tezuka. A couple of my favorite series are Invincible and One Piece. As for cartoon, I'm always gonna have a soft spot for those from the past 20 years, from Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I've also become more interested in 90's cartoons such as those from the Disney Afternoon. I've been trying to find more adult cartoons to watch as well.

What else is on this page?

A mashup using sprites from Sonic CD, Sonic Mania, and Kirby Mass Attack (the background). Just wanted to make a nice scene with Ray and Mighty.

A gifypet, created by Melon King!