Puyo Short 3

Apparently Sig's hair antennae is detatchable and grows back. Such a delightfully odd detail. I thought it would be cute to write about.

As usual, Lemres woke up before Sig. The two lay comfortably in bed, wrapped in each others arms. Lem pat the younger boy's head as he slept, causing him to groan happily. The antennae on his head twitched to life.

Courious, Lem cupped them in his hand, stroking the hair. It felt stiffer and thicker than the rest of Sig's head. The twitching shifted toward's Lem's hand as if feeling them. He kept stroking them steadily with his thumb. The still sleeping continued moaning, unconciously hugging his lover tighter.

Kemres didn;t realize how hard his grip was until he hear a slight “pop”. He looked at the antennae in his hand only to find them detactched from Sig's head. He panicked a little at the sight. Then he heard a tired hum from below.

“I'm sorry, I was curious about them, I didn't realize they would come of just like that.”

“It grows back,” Sig states matter of factly.

Sure enough, two nubs stood where the anntennae had been, and they grew rapidly, soon appearing as though nothing had come off. Lem stared at the whole thing in awe. “You are like a fascinating little bug,” he muses, to which Sig simpers.