Puyo Short 2


I just wanted to write about Satan being a real creep, and a kind of foreboding atmosphere!

“See how well I can treat you, Arly?” Satan had her held along his chest with his arm, and his other deep in her lower lips.

The situation was driving Arle crazy; she struggled to free herself from his grip, but he held her unusually tight, and the way his fingers moved inside her... she was frustrated at how little control she had over her own body.

And then, he had touched the right spot in the right way and her vision went white, and her head was swimming with shock and bliss. Finallly Satan loosened his grasp, chuckling at her reluctant moans. She pushed away from him at the first chance she got, landing on the floor. She was stuck between glaring in anger or averting her eyes in shame.

Licking his fingers with a sultry grin, he coos, “I could show you such wonderful pleasures, if you would let me.”