Puyo Short 1

Based on a deleted picture from Pixiv I can't find anymore... this is an interpretation of what was in it. This story mentions the transformations from Puyo Puyo 7.

“Don't worry,” Lemres held the smaller boy just above his lap. Sig could feel how hard he was along his back. He couldn't resist squirming a bit. Compared to Lem's “mega” sized body, his “mini form was tiny. But the older seemed more sure of the situation. He aligned the two of them and began to push.

Somehow, with enough lubricant, his dick slid into Sig's hole rather smoothly. It didn't stop the burn of being stretched open. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. The deeper it went, the more his body shook with pain and pleasure combined.

”Relax,“ he heared Lem say. But Sig couldn't help the tears that fell from his eyes, or his quick little pants, as the movement continued inside him. Then, Lem reached a hand down to touch Sig's small erection, giving the young boy a new sensation to focus on. It fit almost entirely in his hand, and he stroked it short and fast. No sooner had he started did Sig come, the many feelings of delecation had built up so fast within him. His now calmer body allowed Lem to thrust more cimfortably inside of him.